Our Machines

Traub: Auto

Traub: CNC

Capston: Auto

Capston: Semi Auto

Polygon Milling: Auto-SPM

Polygon Milling: Semi-Auto

Milling: Universal

Milling: SPM

Center less Grinding

Pipe Polishing/Buffing (Center less)

Thread Rolling


Sliding Head Long Turning CNC

Slitting SPM

Tapping Machine

Auto Header & Slotting Machine for Screws: 0.60mm to 5mm

Orbital Riveting Machine

Hydro Pneumatic Press: 2 ~ 4 Ton

Wire Straightening & Cutting: Auto (3 to 13mm)


2-5way Top Milling

Flaring-Single/Double: Automatic

Magnetizer- upto 250gauss

Laser Marking

Power Press: 2/5/10/20/30/80/150 Ton

Injection Molding- Vertical : 50/60/80 Ton

Injection Molding - Horizontal : 80/110 Ton

Insert Molding: Top Locking (80 Ton)

Insert Molding: Bottom Locking (80 Ton)